Enjoying Analingus

He was the first boy that ever kissed her ass.   He wasn't even what you'd call a boyfriend.  Just another boy who had a crush on her. 

"Please" he begged her, "Let me see your beautiful bottom."    He'd asked her more than once. 

One day she finally relented.  "Tomorrow, after school" she told him.  "But, you have to kiss it and to my satisfaction."  He agreed.

She slid her panties off in the bathroom before school was out.  On their way home, they took a detour through a deserted field.  

She had him kneel behind her and lifter her skirt.

Enjoying Analingus
"Now kiss it" she told him.  He kissed each cheek.  Then, she took her hands and spread her cheeks. 

"Lick it" she barked.  He obeyed.

She'd discovered her dominance.

And She'd found an ass licker. 


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