The Victory Kiss

I marveled at how agile She was on the court.  Despite Her beautiful size, She displayed a unique ability to move gracefully and with ease.  It was as if She could anticipate each of Her opponent's shots; where they would go, how hard they were hit, etc.

Although She moved with ease, the match wasn't effortless and She did work up a sweat.  It was a rather warm day.  My cock, safely in the confines of my chastity belt, was aching for relief from watching Her move about.  It's stiffness was also incited by my thoughts of what was to follow.

After each match it was my job to clean Her body from head to toe with my tongue, reaching into the folds of Her flesh to lick the beads of sweat from Her body. 

The Victory Kiss
Monogamous Kink

If She won the match like She often did and would no doubt do today, I would greet Her immediately following Her handshake with Her opponent kneel behind Her and plant a congratulatory kiss on Her behind.  The anticipation of this "victory kiss" also made me hard.


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